Visitor to Year 6!

I am delighted that we have Mustafa visiting us, from Allerton High School where he has been since September.


Here are a few of his thoughts about High School.

“High school isn’t as bad as people say it is. On the first day I thought I was going to get lost, get codes/detentions, but they kindly give you 2 whole weeks of grace. Thats how nice they are.

The subjects there are REALLY FUN! Take History for example: Our teacher says that during the time I have you, we will be doing a lot of fun things like time capsules and other projects.

So, theres nothing to worry about high school. Many people worry about getting detentions but as long as you obey the rules and give in homework on time you will not need to worry anymore. And dont worry about the teachers. They’ll be as nice as your primary school ones. (but they wont be happy bunnies if your bad) 🙂

So, those are my thoughts of high school

Remember, dont worry about anything.

You’ll do GREAT! 😀

Mustafa Ahmed

Thank you Mustafa.


Miss Judge


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