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  1. The tortoise gracefully moved along the ground.The tortoise slowly moved.It has grey skin and a big shell with a house on top.

  2. The tortoise moved across the ground.He had skin and a big shell.

    1.The tortoise has seen water,land and preditors
    2 I think it would be fun because u get to go in water on land.
    3 It would take me to different city’s by water or land and maybe different city’s.

  3. 1, He has seen lots of leaves and bushes.
    2, It would be fun and scary.
    3, It would take me to my mom’s work.
    sick sentence
    1, The tortoise moves very,very slowly across the stone ground.
    2,He had grey skin and a big,big shell.

  4. 1. In his life time he has seen houses,trees and loads of other things .
    2. It would be terrifying and fun .
    3. It would take me to a place that would never rain it will only snow .
    sick sentences
    Very slowly the tortoise moved across the mussy ground . He had green skin and a huge shell.

  5. Sick Sentences:

    1) The majestically mammoth tortoise slowly strolled across the rocky brown ground.

    2) He had parched, ancient flesh and a colossally grassy shell filled with wild-life.

  6. As the tortoise lumbered across the green grass his inhabitance strode out in the morning sun .The big tortoise has rough grey skin with a big ivory shell that is as hard as a brick wall.

  7. 1)The tortoise moved along the ground. He had scaly skin and a rather large shell.
    2)I have seen many things in my life time: lakes upon lakes, fields upon fields and mountains upon mountains. I have come across many animals (millions to be exact).
    3)I believe that it would be exciting yet strange. Exciting because you would go to different places on a tortoise’s back and see different views. However it would be strange because you would be moving all of the time and would have no control of the speed that you’re travelling at.

  8. Slowly, the gigantic beast of a tortoise advanced along the dusty, rocky road. He bore a huge, green shell, and had baggy, cracked, uneven hide.

    During his long, tiring life, he has seen amazing things including huge sea monsters; incredible blizzards, and many other tortoises like him.

    If I lived on the back of a creature like this, I would love it, as you would be able to see all of the world’s great things.

    It would probably take you to some brilliant places you will have never seen before, and, personally, I would ask to visit the seven wonders of the world.

  9. The tortoise moved along the ground of the forest . He had a rough skin and a colossal shell.
    1) He had seen loads of stuff in his lifetime: mountains,fields,rivers,mountains and loads of animals.
    2) It would be really scary to live on a tortoise especially when the tortoise is moving .
    3) if i lived on a tortoises back it would take me to rivers,mountains,fields,forests and loads of other places.

  10. He has not seen much in his life only what lives on him


    The tortoise has only seen grass when he has strolled and supplied people with a home . and gone through pain he has baggy skin and he crushes stuff in his bag.

    It has not seen much in its life apart from grass.

    It has to be fun living on the back of a tortoise you could go to places.

    it would take italy and to washigton and north korea .

  11. “Sick Sentences”:
    The sleek tortoise moved stealthily on the unlimited piece of land. With
    skin to camouflage from its predators/victims. A big shell lays on its back, where he sleeps through the sleepless nights.
    Question Time:
    In his lifetime, the tortoise has passed lots of unusual things like animals and HUMANS! Also some other strange species it passed was a massive Okapi.
    I think its scary living on a tortoises bag, because it will be really shaky.
    I think the tortoise would take me to the sea if its a sea creature,

  12. The tortoise has seen the ground on his travels.
    I think living on a back of a tortoise would be very hard because…it would be stress moving every time the tortoise would move
    The tortoise would take me anywhere it wants to go.Or it would take me to the lake or the river.

  13. Sick Sentences:
    1.The tortoise moved across the ground.
    1. Slowly and quietly, the grass-covered tortoise steadily shifted forwards whilst the tiny house gently swayed above him.
    2. He had skin and a big shell.
    2. He had crinkled cracking skin and a large scaly shell.
    Question Time:
    1. What has he seen in his lifetime?
    I think that he has seen many different places in the world because I
    think that he has travelled all over. He may have seen different countries and areas.
    2. What do you think it’s like living on the back of a tortoise?
    I think it would have its pros and cons. Some of the pros are: Being able to be transported for free. Being able to see many different places in the world. Some of the cons are: Having to constantly move on from certain friendships. It could be a rocky ride to places.
    3. What sort of places would it take you?
    If you could communicate with the tortoise then I would go to Spain,Holland,America and China. If it just had a mind if its own then I think I would imagine I would have to go to a desert or rocky landscape.

  14. Sick sentences
    The tortoise moved forward across the dirty,sandy ground. He had a big green shell and hard skin.

    Question time
    1) The beautiful sea.
    2) Hard because the tortoise will move around a lot.
    3) It will take me to a place old and hidden and also scary like a pirate ship.

  15. He has seen water falls ,humans, birds and the whole world.I think it feels like the planet is moving and lonely because you have no one to play or chat.I think It would take me to France,Africa,India and Brazil.

  16. 1)The tortoise moved along the soft grass. He had rough, scaly skin and a rather large shell.
    2)He must have seen many things. Probably, many, many lakes, mountains, fields and much more.
    3)I believe that it would be exciting yet strange. Exciting because you would be able to go places that you possibly hadn’t been to before. However, it would be strange because you wouldn’t have control of where you’re going and how fast you’re going to get there.
    4)I don’t believe that I would have control of where I’m going but if I did, then I would choose to go somewhere that I hadn’t been before. Possibly, in the tortoise’s control, it would take me to rivers, lakes or mountains.

  17. sick sentences
    The giant tortoise moved across the sandy,dirty ground.He had a giant, big ,green hard shell and hard skin.

    Question time
    1)the beautiful sea.
    2)hard because the tortoise will move allot
    3)near the sea

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