Maths in Work!

On Wednesday 24 January, a parent, Dr Edwards – whose profession is a doctor – came into 6MJ classroom to talk about how she involved maths in her career. Seeing as it was “Maths Week” it was particularly relevant to learn about all she did.

The whole class was astonished at how much maths was associated with her job. It included percentages, ratio, measurements and many more. She said that sometimes she used these when she had to do ECG, heart rates and giving medicine. Everybody was answering tricky questions and learning new methods. When it came to the time to ask questions, we all asked many interesting questions. Dr Edwards answered that she used maths for a large amount of time in her day.

We were all extremely grateful that she gave her time to help us understand how your everyday job will almost always have maths involved in it. She made us all think about what job we would like when we grow older and what maths we would have to do in that occupation.

Jasmine Taylor


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