Woolton Pie!

As part of their studies into World War II,  Year 6 made Woolton Pie in the café with Mrs Walker.   Woolton pie, at first known as Lord Woolton pie, is a pastry dish of vegetables, widely served in Britain in the Second World War when rationing and shortages made other dishes hard to prepare.
It was both healthy and  delicious!!

Black History

We have been learning about Black History and have in particular looked at the life of Nelson Mandela. We read and learnt the poem “Life doesn’t frighten me” by Maya Anglelou and used this as a model to write our own poems about Nelson Mandela.  We also worked on art works similar to those illustrating the original poem by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Red Cross Refugee Awareness

On Thursday Year 6 had a visit from the British Red Cross to promote Refugee Awareness. This involved discussing why people would become refugees, where they might currently be escaping from, and what might happen to them when they finally get to a country which will accommodate them.  The children are now more aware of refugees/asylum seekers and more aware of issues involved.




Spellings this Week

6MJ please look at your spellings and comment on the blog with some interesting sentences using these words.  Again best use of the word will win a prize.











Miss Judge




Ilkley Literature Festival

On Tuesday the whole of Year 6  visited Ilkley Literature Festival.  It was exciting travelling by bus and train to get there.  When we got there we then had to follow a trail to try and find Wally in shop windows!  This involved map reading and searching for Wally who  hiding in various places, behind menus, next to balls of wool and on the brakes of a scooter to name just a few of the imaginative places.

We then went to listen to an excellent author M.G. Leonard who has written books about beetles.  Some of the children bought books which were clearly so riveting that they had to be started on the station platform, before we had even caught the train home!

Miss Judge